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Old photographs restoration

Give a second life to your old photographs!

 Damaged, folded, stained, torn, your old photographs can be restored with technics who combine know-how and artistic way.
 Very attentive with the respect of the original photograph, I guarantee an optimal result allowing you to recover high quality photographs. 
  Your satisfaction is my priority. 
  Once restored, your photographs are available on an online private gallery (where you can order some prints, available during 3 months) and are alos delivered on download. 
  Do you have old photographs to restore? 
  Your free estimate will be established according to the state of your photographs.
                                                             Ask an estimate here...
Restoration of old photograph, Rates :
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Options
Features Slightly damaged photograph (small spots or stains, yellowing) Damaged photograph (spots/stains/foldings of mean sizes, yellowing, deterioration of the colors) Very damaged photograph (important spots/stains/foldings/tears, very degraded colors) Prints with the formats of your choice.
Price 9€ 
Ask en estimate here...
Ask en estimate here...

Ask en estimate here...